Less is Sometimes More…

My husband loves sneakers. Above all, he loves the adidas Y-3 sneakers, designed by the Japanese fashion designer Yohij Yamamoto. That’s why last weekend we ended up at his store on Grand Street in Soho, walking around and enjoying the avant-garde spirit of both his clothing and the store. While my husband was looking for his favorite model, I spotted some of Yamamoto’s awesome promotional materials conveying perfectly the designer’s characteristic style.

The black (and white) postcards, announcing the autumn-winter collection 2007/08, are reduced to the designer’s signature. The writing, slightly embossed, appears to be sewn onto the paper — a great branding strategy, which not only communicates visually but also leaves a tactile impression. Furthermore, I love the color details in the signature: some of the “stitches” are highlighted in red.


Another piece is a thick postcard made out of cardboard. Yamamoto’s signature is printed on a rubber band, which is wrapped around the card saying “défense d’afficher” (post no bills).

I like the striking simplicity and the subtle irony of his promotion — sometimes less is more…