Water, water, everywhere?

One of the challenges designers meet is how to get their message across without sounding righteous or didactic. This animation about water, commissioned by Good Magazine, does a good job of doing just that. Being a fan of almost anything harking back to bygone times, I like that it starts off with a 50s informational film (notice also how the old-movie aesthetic is carried throughout the video). Its optimistic tone works really well as a contrast to the rest of the animation.

Technically, the piece is skillfully executed with its seamless transitions and compelling imagery and illustrations. Even without any voiceover accompanying the rest of the video, the viewer remains engaged by the combination of sound, imagery and typography.

As Reactions continues to evolve, we are pleased to announce the addition of guest bloggers. This post features Bernice Herrera Sy, our water-conscious, retro-loving, intern.