MSLK Exhibits “Unintended Communication” at the ICFF

What do you see above? Do you read “click here” or something a little, well… different? If your first read made you blush and feel a little uncomfortable, well that’s exactly what can happen when type is poorly set!

Amid all of the comfortable furniture at The International Contemporary Furniture Fair next week, MSLK and 14 other designers will be sparking some Uncomfortable Conversations at a show of the same name. Conceived by our friends and colleagues at Design Glut and sponsored by Fast Company, the show challenges viewers to step outside their comfort zone and willfully engage in an uncomfortable conversation. As designers we are highly attuned to the unsettling feelings poor design can create, especially poorly set type.

For the show we explore five examples of how careless kerning can lead to unintended miscommunication. If you’re in NYC, please join us for the opening reception on Sunday, May 16th. We expect it to be uncomfortably crowded.