Cool Optical Illusions

As the granddaughter of a highly regarded optometrist, I could probably write a very dry dissertation on how optical illusions work, but for today let’s just say static motion illusions are cool. For example, the image above isn’t a rotating GIF or a Flash animation, it’s an ordinary still JPEG. I  know it looks like it’s moving, but that’s just tiny adjustments in your eyes assimilating that movement. Pretty cool, eh? I could look at this one for hours. And while this is captivating online, image how impactful it would be in print.  Nothing says 21st century innovation better than a printed image that moves! Perhaps this should become the next campaign for Apple?

Let’s look at some more.

This one uses that same vibration of color to create “little streams of fluid” running through this image.

And although this illusion doesn’t move, it looks like it’s zigzagging back and forth. However, I can assure you each of the spaces between the arrows is completely parallel. Trust me; I measured them.

Same situation here…Those little black rules are completely parallel.


What about the little dots in between the squares here?  Simply eye assimilation of color in between the gaps.

Back to vibrating movement.

These rings rotate for me only if I relax and don’t try too hard. The question is, can you see the circles spinning in both directions?

This pinwheel only works if I don’t look right at it.

Last but not least, do you see the little white flashes zipping around the purple rings? Again, just tiny eye movements during your visual fixation. Love that.

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