Create Your Own Niche

What does it take to stand out in the crowd or on the shelves? Personality. A memorable hook. Being remarkable. So then how do you become remarkable? Most companies spend their time chasing after the competition with a game of “me too” or “more of this” and “better that”. How dull.

I think the better way to stand out is to be yourself. You are after all inherently unique so why wouldn’t the business you create for yourself and the products/services you provide be just as unique? Case in point when our friend Malcolm wanted to start a wine label he didn’t just run out and throw another set of fancy fonts over burgundy paper, he actually married the two things he loved most, wine and modern art into the core of his brand. Thus Nicholls Wine, fine wine, fine art was born.

Each varietal and vintage of wine released by Nicholls features new work by young and emerging artists. Their mission, increase awareness of these artists while creating a quality end product that is as appealing as the art itself.

Above is a detail shot of my favorite series by the artist Kammy Roulner. The simplicity of the label and integrity of the artwork without any branding is incredibly appealing to my minimalist palette. More recent labels are more heavily branded, but the integrity of the artwork remains.

I’m sure a large portion of business comes from people wanting to look more sophisticated and intelligent, who doesn’t? These days everyone wants to know the back story on their purchase and being able to tell your dinner guests that this bottle of Pinor Noir features work by an emerging modern artist will certainly earn you style points.

I was thinking of ordering a case to give as gifts. You can your own here.