Peanuts: Hangtag


United Media needed a brand identity system for their new Peanuts line, a collection of vintage-inspired, high-end clothing. The new identity had to translate into a packaging solution that would evoke nostalgia for the 1960s—the “golden age” of this classic comic. Furthermore, it was important to appeal to a wide audience, as the brand would extend beyond women’s wear into men’s apparel and housewares.

MSLK sought to define which elements of the dynamic 1960s the brand identified with. Through inspirational image boards and structured research, we proposed the innocence of 1962, when print and comics were thriving, to be an ideal representation of the brand.

MSLK recreated the idiosyncrasies of old newspaper printing by placing Snoopy and Woodstock on a background of distressed Benday color dots. We further alluded to the texture of newsprint by employing an ivory, uncoated paper stock. The combination of modern design techniques with a vintage sensibility evoked a fitting nostalgia for this timeless brand.

The graphics developed by MSLK became part of the brand’s identity and continues to be used today in their apparel line and houseware products.