James Porto: Website


Photographer James Porto needed to refocus his website and bring his new, MSLK-designed identity online. This website would have to convince creatives that James Porto was a strategic partner capable of actualizing art directors’ fantastic visions.

After a comprehensive brand repositioning, the new website emphasized the two main themes of his work: the “Real” and “Unreal.” This dichotomy became the basis of the navigation and allowed his work to become the focus. We recommended a blog for James in order to allow him to tell in-depth stories behind his complex images, while reaping the benefits of a blog’s search engine optimization. Using statistical tools, we established a list of key-phrases which could be easily found by search engines, then created a content plan around these phrases to be used as a guide when writing articles.

MSLK designed an easily updatable website that emphasized the dichotomy of the photgrapher’s “Real” and “Unreal” work. This was done by creating a rotating interface based off of the “O” of the logotype and catering to different viewer needs by creating multiple methods of navigating the portfolio. In addition, the website would also feature the photographer’s creative process in the “About” section.

MSLK’s website design has served as the most effective sales tool for the James Porto brand, generating valuable new leads, while overall website traffic has increased by up to 80%. Perhaps James himself said it best, “MSLK’s designs have made the difference in closing deals. This new positioning has pinpointed me to how my work is most effective from a sales/marketing perspective and how I can build on those strengths to manifest real results in the form of new clients and great assignments.”