Motivating Consumers to Purchase for the First Time – Free Webinar

Do you know what inspires consumers to purchase from a brand they‘ve never heard of? 

During this one hour presentation we will define the key incentives consumers require in order to feel confident purchasing from a brand they have never heard of for the first time. We will then ask you to brainstorm what of those incentives your brand currently has or could develop further. We cover the limited space brands have on packaging and how to utilize colors, shapes, symbols and words to tell those stories. We end with evaluating what stories should make their way onto packaging as well as what stories are more ideally suited for ecommerce and why.

Key Takeaways:

• What gives consumers the confidence to purchase from a brand they have never heard of for the first time 
• What assets does your brand have currently that answers this criteria 
• What areas of your business and brand value proposition should you develop further in order to capture market white space 
• What content should be on your packaging verses your website

Event format: 1 hour interactive webinar
Presented by: Sheri L Koetting, founder of MSLK

Sheri is constantly seeking ways to improve consumer experience through better design. A self-described “brand archaeologist,” Sheri seeks to uncover the fundamentals of your brand, refining key stories so they rise to the surface and become clear for consumers. A frequent speaker, Sheri has also dedicated her career to elevating industry best practices. In 2002 Sheri co-founded the non-profit organization, Spark Design Professionals. In 2012 she began Evolve Symposium with industry consultant Emily Cohen, and in 2015 joined the Luxe Pack Conference Advisory Board. View Sheri’s speaking website here. >>

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