Maybelline: Flipbook

MSLK-Maybelline Flipbook

Maybelline New York, the number one global cosmetic brand, struggled with consumer perception that their products did not perform as well as higher-priced brands. However, market research revealed that the issue was not product performance, but rather user error. Women were often unaware of the proper methods for application and were apprehensive to experiment with new colors and products. As a result, Maybelline sought to educate their consumers about product application.

MSLK sought to demystify the makeup experience with an educational flipbook. Since women generally apply makeup in bathrooms, we strategized a water-resistant and self-standing solution; this provided women with a hands-free, everyday reference tool.

MSLK designed a step-by-step guide that illustrated, at a glance, proper makeup application. By showing rather than telling these techniques, we increased user comprehension. Furthermore, we distinguished each part of the face with tabs, allowing easy access to each section. These tabs assisted women in determining suitable colors and shades paired with techniques to achieve different looks.

The flipbook’s simplicity successfully aided women during their makeup application. MSLK’s innovative design solution continues to serve as inspiration within the beauty industry for technique education and remains an in-demand item.