Judith Miller: Website


High-end photography representative, Judith Miller Inc. needed to reinvigorate their online presence with a new website. As a brand with many diverse, the website needed to demonstrate that the company is established and capable of taking on the biggest assignments, while putting emphasis on the photographers themselves. It was also essential that the homepage be fresh upon each new visit to the site.

MSLK’s main concept was to showcase Judith Miller on a macro level, while highlighting each of the photographers and their work on the micro level. We did this by coming up with three main sections, “About,” “Talent,” and “Blog.” Within the Talent section, all photographers would be given their own pages with sub-navigation, so users could easily access thumbnails, request a portfolio, view a bio and client list. These pages act as micro sites, to promote each photographer. Additionally, we chose to build the site on a custom content management system, which allows Judith Miller to make updates to any section easily.

We reinforced the site’s three main sections by color-coding them with the three rich, bold hues of the brand. To make the navigational experience fluid and elegant, we utilized animated, collapsible sections and menus throughout the site. This efficient use of space meant only the most essential elements would need to be on the page at any given time. Users could easily navigate the portfolios by either clicking on thumbnails, numbered navigation, or the images themselves.

Upon its initial launch, the website received a significant spike in traffic and reinvigorated buzz around the brand, helping Judith maintain strong relationships with art buyers as well as generate new leads. After five successful years, the site is still fresh and continues to be updated regularly.