MSLK Takes it to The Gutter

Sheri always tackles the highly technical bowling interface.

After our first failed attempt in December to have a MSLK bowling party at The Gutter the studio finally made it to Brooklyn to bowl last night (holiday party take two—better late than never). MSLK has some true bowling champs (myself not included) so the bowling party tradition has continued and this year prizes were rewarded for the best and worst bowlers. Click “more” to see MSLK in action and to find out who were this years’ winners.

Sheri always tackles the highly technical bowling interface.

Ellen aka “Gimp Finger” has the form of a champ.

Claudia and Sheri easily transition from business strategists to bowling strategists — just give them a beer and some two-tone shoes!

Emil envisions the task at hand…

…and executes like a pro!

Yves and Claudia bring a Swiss touch of perfection to the American “sport.”

This was Merry’s first time bowling EVER. (Her bowling handle of course, “Like a Virgin.”)

Who doesn’t like vintage beer clocks?

Bowling love.

Notice the “gimp” finger in silhouette, maybe that’s how she hurt it so many months ago.

Serious score watching…

The best part about the Gutter is the plastic cups they serve beer out of.

Sheri aka “XXX” goes for 3 strikes in a row (yes that’s what the name means).

Looks like a strike for Katie, aka “Hot Potato!”

Strikes and Spares like what!

And Finally the moment you have all been waiting for…

The Winner: Yves!
The Loser: Merry…
(We are now theorizing the correlation between height and bowling success.)

Custom MSLK bowling trophies.

There’s nothing classier than the ladies at a bowling alley.