MSLK to Judge Beyond the Runway Competition

This fall during Fashion Week, MSLK will be judging the Nolcha Beyond the Runway competition to discover and support the industry’s next hot up-and-coming designer. During the competition, 50 independent designers from around the world will put on a traditional runway show featuring their personal collections. These shows will run over the course of three days during the traditional 7th on 6th tent shows. The focus of the event is to give these designers exposure to press, buyers, and industry figures in the New York fashion market.

The will be the 9th annual Beyond the Runway competition organized by the leading fashion business consultancy, Nolcha. The Nolcha platform helps fashion designers via educational workshops and events. As a judge, MSLK will be helping the Nolcha team determine which of the contest participants shows the most potential to launch a viable business.

The winner of the competition will receive an entrepreneurship accelerator package that is aimed at growing the fashion designer’s career beyond the runway. This package will include online retail placement on, a profile on, as well as legal, accounting, and brand design services.

We look forward to this great opportunity to help give back to the fashion design community and to help designers understand what it takes to launch a successful brand in today’s highly competitive market.

Personally, I will be looking for brands which serve a niche demographic and designers who are able to create a unique point-of-view and style that their market will find appealing. A highly targeted and narrowly focused position will make it easier to break out and make a splash on the fashion scene. This will ultimately help the designer with brand positioning, messaging, PR, and retail strategies.

MSLK will certainly be participating in the shows and parties around this event. If you are attending or want to join us, please let us know!