MSLK’s Business Cards Featured in New Book About Designer’s Business Cards

Much like snowflakes, no two MSLK business cards are alike. The reason for this is simple: we use recycled paper as the base, and wrap pre-printed stickers around them. It’s all part of our firm’s environmental commitment, repurposing makereadies — the waste from offset printing — to use as business cards.

It’s an approach that caught the attention of Marc Praquin, designer, author, and publisher of the 288 page, full-color book, “MyOwnBusinessCard – VolumeOne

The forward of the book is dead-on:

“The most ambitious project for a designer is undoubtedly the design of its own business card. Being his own client, stepping back, finding the right balance between vision and strategy are real challenges.

These constraints explain why the results are most of the time surprising..”

Of course, the same could be said about any design project a designer embarks on for themselves: their identity, website, resume, letterhead, invoice, mailing label…. oh, the list is never ending! Yet, it’s the classic dilemma of the designer: you need to capitalize on every chance you get to make an impression. Every instance is a chance to demonstrate your talent, creativity, and to practice what you preach.

Business cards are unique in that they’re so personal, and so limited in size. Over the years, I’ve found that any sort of subtlety gets totally lost in a dimly-lit bar, or noisy networking conference. Now more than ever, business cards need to have an initial “WOW” factor, as they only seem to last just long enough to get entered into one’s digital address book. Only the memorable ones get saved.

The book is a compilation of so many amazingly innovative designs, we were very fortunate to have been included. I highly recommend it to anyone thinking about a new identity themselves…

Our copy arrived with the author’s business card attached to the cover!…

MSLK’s business cards are essentially simple stickers which can be applied to just about anything…