Marketing and Design form a Strategic Partnership

In today’s faced paced environment brands want their creative turned around quickly. However, they also want it done effectively. Enter the role of marketing and brand strategy seamlessly changing hands with creatives. A well defined marketing concept, coupled with effective copy/content can quickly and easily translate to great creative, saving the client time and money.

However many companies cannot afford to maintain marketing or design departments on staff, in addition, those with internal support are often overworked juggling many roles.  Recently marketing guru Gloria Luna and the design agency MSLK have formed a strategic partnership to fill these needs in the market.

With extensive background in the beauty industry, specifically salon quality haircare products, Luna and MSLK began their relationship in 2004 while working on the Redken brand. The completion of their first assignment, a redesign of Redken’s number one sales tool, led to a 17% increase in sales. Luna then went on to help Redken triple their business.

Through their partnership, Luna and MSLK now hope to apply these skills to other brands. Working hand-in-hand they hope to help fashion and beauty brands analyze, design, and reposition their communication materials.

Luna is a 15 year veteran of the fashion and beauty business having worked with brands such as Avon, Calvin Klein, L’Oreal and Sally Hansen. She is evenly balanced between creative and analytical competencies producing unique and effective marketing programs that build brand equity and sustained sales growth.

MSLK is a 13-year old boutique design agency that specializes in reinvigorating fashion and beauty brands through 360° brand positioning — from overall brand identity, to packaging, retail experience, websites, and social media campaigns.  MSLK’s partners Marc S Levitt and Sheri L Koetting have worked with brands such as Aveda, American Crew, Loro Piana, Maybelline, Ralph Lauren, Sean John, Sephora, Tumi Luggage, and Victoria’s Secret. MSLK specializes in helping brands find their unique voice in today’s crowded market.

Below are some further examples of the team’s work.