Spread the Valentine’s Day Love

Ahh, the day of love has arrived! Did you forget to make cards for your friends and lovers? No worries. Every February at MSLK we create unique Valentines for everyone on our mailing list. We now have the opportunity to share our Valentines on our blog too!

This year we designed cards in a simple format so that you can print, cut and send (examples seen above). The cards are perfect for dropping on someone’s desk today or attaching to a bundle of flowers tonight. Download the cards!

Last year we created an interactive valentine that celebrates the trials and tribulations of love. This e-card is perfect to send to everyone that you didn’t have a chance to send an actual card to. Plus you save a stamp and a tree.

Do you want to receive great email goodies all year round? Sign up for our mailing list on the contact page of our website or email us at mslk@mslk.com.