I’m Dreaming of Dreamland

Two years ago on my birthday, The Roxy (nightclub and Wednesday night roller rink) closed for back taxes. My girlfriends and I stood at the doors bounded up by chains and mourned the end of an era. Since then, there has been no roller rinks in NYC. Chelsea Piers, Empire, The Roxy, and Skate Key all closed down. Roller skating is apparently passé and worse yet, an insurance liability.

Luckily for me I have secret benefactor with the name of Lola Staar. Lola too felt the loss of the Roxy and dreamed of a place where disco skating like everyday is 1979 could live on forever. Through dreaming and fund raising Lola unveiled the new Dreamland roller rink for NYC on the Coney Island Boardwalk.

We went this weekend for the grand opening and it totally delivered. The building is a huge, ornate structure, right on the water. The entire front is open for a strong breeze and people watching. The people watching is out of this world. Pent up skaters like myself came out in force, I saw double axles, pairs skating to full-on routines, a crazy conga line, and an impromptu line dance. The space was full of energy and the floor was never too crowded.

The graphics and the branding of the rink are amazing. It really helps set the tone of a place with personality. This is not your average “sports center’, this is a fabulous night club. One word of caution, the new, safer, roller floor is made of rubber. Rather than gliding around on polished wood, the rubber is a bit ‘grippy’ on the wheels. Our friend Allison took one spin around and declared it too tough. I found that it got easier if you slowed it down a bit.

All-in-all great job Lola! I can’t wait to have my birthday party there this year. Roller bladers and roller skaters welcome!