Sheri Koetting: A Tale of Two Lectures

Last Thursday was a whirlwind day for Sheri. Two talks in one day, in the same building.

Her first talk was to the Queens Economic Development Corporation to women business owners in celebration of Woman’s month. During the lecture, “Women in Business: This Is How We Do It,” Sheri discussed how we started MSLK, and the challenges any new business owner experiences along the way. She stressed the importance of positioning your brand in today’s crowded market place, the steps towards defining your brand, and getting that message out there via a marketing plan.  There was much to say.

The other speaker, Orly Natan Salsberg was great, too. However, her story as an Ivy-League educated lawyer, mother, and owner of several green businesses including a two steamboats, two event production companies, and a restaurant, seemed to leave everyone feeling that they were only operating at 15% of their full potential. All and all, it was a really good event. I think that everyone was very receptive towards hearing these success stories, especially given the somber undertones of the current economy.

As soon as that talk ended, Sheri was whisked over to another classroom to give a brief recap of the importance of branding and marketing to a group of entrepreneurs taking the QEDC Business Plan class.