Strategic Brand Development Tailored to You

I have been in the design profession for well over 13 years now, and can tell you with certainty that a great brand sets the foundation for any company. Without strategically developing its brand, a company fails to create a unique market presence and invigorate its corporate identity or its full brand potential.

I wanted to put down some thoughts about ways in which branding can be the best investment you’ll make in your company. It has the immediate ability to elevate your brand image without changing the product itself. As a brand development agency, specializing in Luxury branding, MSLK is able to provide you with smart, creative solutions that will positively impact your bottom line.

MSLK is aware of the psychology behind creating an emotional connection with consumers and establishing brand loyalty. Working with MSLK ensures that branding becomes more than just a marketing tactic, but instead a 360-degree experience that touches all five senses.

A Corporate Branding Design Agency with a Brain
Our unique approach to strategic brand development is formed by intuition, guided by our experience and supported by our established process. The process begins with an extensive market research, competition set, and a SWOT analysis (review of your brand’s current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats). We then interpret this research and formulate a plan for your new positioning and marketing efforts for your visual identities. As a tight-knit corporate branding design agency, all members of our team are actively engaged in the project from start to finish. This ensures a cohesive solution from concept through creation.

A brand should be an extension of who you are and naturally in sync with your corporate identity. In addition to crafting brand images from the ground up, MSLK also has the experience to reposition a mature, established company. Branding does not have to be about a new beginning; a leveraging and polishing of existing tools is often more appropriate for taking your brand to the next level.

By emphasizing style + substance, our brand development agency is able to elevate brands to become successful with individual products and to establish an overall staying power. The best client for us is one that is targeting a more sophisticated clientele and positioning itself as a luxury brand based on quality rather than price.

Experienced Brand Development
We have had the pleasure of developing the overall corporate brand design or extending an existing brand positioning for small firms such as law offices, PR firms, photographers, schools, and other services. We have also worked with large clients such as: Showtime Networks, Disney, Wigwam Mills and L’Oréal. Each project has yielded exceptional results in client revenues and brand loyalty.

As experts of visual language, we know how to create a unified message that translates well into varied media. MSLK will help you make the right impression from an overall marketing strategy to creative development of print, packaging, websites, signage, and beyond. We’ll make sure your brand gets noticed.