Red Velvet Birthday Surprise

Today MSLK surprised me with a sweet little birthday celebration. Ellen made the most delicious and beautiful cupcakes I’ve ever had. Keeping in line with MSLK’s motto Design with Style + Substance, her cupcakes weren’t only beautiful to look at, but also made with (some) eco-friendly ingredients. Thanks, MSLK, for singing “Happy Birthday” and special thanks to Ellen for spoiling us with your awesomely sweet treats!

Ellen didn’t want to use food coloring and has therefore created her own style of “Red Velvet” cup cakes. She added red color by decorating the beautiful muffins with Maraschino cherries (which, by the way, haven’t been preserved with any dye either). She also used unbleached paper liners to hold the cupcakes.

The cupcakes have a rich delicious chocolate-cherry filling.

No birthday cake without candles! I love how well the red-white candles go with the cupcakes.

What a sweet early lunch we had today… Thanks!