Help Remedies’ Creative Ways to Solve Simple Problems

Help I’m Bored

Ever feel like you have problems that no one has any solutions to? Help Remedies may have an answer for you.

Don’t know what to wear?

Never been kissed?

Or maybe you just have a song stuck in your head?

Help Remedies have collected humorous (yet helpful) answers to all these questions and lots more. The brand is known for its elegant, minimal design and eco-friendly packaging, but they’ve also come up with great ways to get their customers involved in the brand.  The Help I’m Bored page is amusing and a great way to start a Monday morning.  It also gives a good idea of what the brand stands for: making it simple to solve simple health issues.

If your problem isn’t mentioned, you can always submit it and see if it shows up the next time you visit the website. This, of course, is also a great way to get people to return to the site and have something to look forward to. While you wait you could get your problem printed on a t-shirt and maybe someone on the street will come to your rescue.

Help is definitely showing how a well-thought-out brand concept can give so much more substance to a product.


As Reactions continues to evolve, we are pleased to announce the addition of guest bloggers to our blog. This post features Christel Fearon, our eco-friendly, help-solutionist, intern. You can read more about her move from Sweden to New York on her design-based blog.