Green Merchandising

 Green Depot Refills

Last weekend I stopped by the recently opened Green Depot on the Bowery. The products they sell are similar to those found in most environmentally friendly aisles, ranging from household cleaners to baby and pet products to books on being green. The most impressive part of the store is the way they’ve merchandised their products. They’ve placed a huge emphasis on education by creating stations that engage shoppers and encourage them to interact with the products for sale.

When it comes to selling environmentally-friendly products, the element of education is key. Essentially, the packaging and retail environment surrounding the product need to convince shoppers of the added value of buying green. This is especially challenging now that consumers are keeping a close eye on the bottom line.

The image above shows the refill station, where users can bring empty containers to refill with cleaners, rather than buying new bottles. I’ve seen attempts at this in the past that end up feeling quite intimidating, but there’s something quite honest and inviting about using regular bar taps.

Green Depot Light Booth

This is a shot from the inside of a light booth that contains a variety of different energy-efficient bulbs. By pressing the different buttons, you can compare the light quality of a range of bulbs.

Green Depot Signage

Their signage is also very straightforward and informational, allowing you to understand the benefits of buying green and to easily compare products.

Green Depot

And though not exactly educational, I must admit that this lantern constructed out of their logo is a pretty nice touch as well.