Watershed Project Assembly Video

Watershed Assembly at MSLK 5/24/09 from MSLK on Vimeo.

MSLK’s newest eco-art endeavor got into high gear this weekend with the help of some great friends. 867 bottles — more than half of the 1,500 we’re planning for Figment — were strung together. As you can see above, I even managed to shoot some footage of the whole day which I edited into a short film about the making of Watershed.

Weeks of bottle collection combined with weeks of testing the different rigging needed to assemble the project. Our next assembly is June 7th, everyone is invited to participate in building this together. Better yet, experience all that’s fun and amazing at Figment on June 13 at noon.

Very special thanks to all those who came out on Saturday to lend a hand—you are a brave bunch indeed.