MSLK’s 360˚ Case Studies – Velo Classic

MSLK has produced some fun and informative short films showcasing our work and design process.   These were created to demonstrate to clients our 360° approach to branding. We found that video is a great way to fully explain all the details and thought that goes into each project.

Above is our video detailing our rebranding efforts for Velo Classic Tours, a luxury bicycle tour company. You can view the other 360° videos on our website, and we’ll be posting a new project to the blog each week.



Velo Classic Tours, a luxury bicycle tour company catering to serious cyclists, had a unique product offering but lacked the materials to effectively reach their target audience. The small company needed to reinvigorate its brand and develop materials that clearly conveyed the company’s luxurious tours of grueling 70-mile rides blended with accommodations and dining at four-star chateaux.

MSLK took a strategic approach to rebranding Velo Classic Tours. We began with a brand-defining exercise that refocused the company’s mission into three pillars of service differentiation: serious cycling, sublime culture, and exemplary service. Drawing upon these pillars, we created an effective marketing plan that outlined the company’s yearly needs.

A complete identity system, including a logo, tagline and stationery system was developed. In addition, MSLK designed a website, an advertising campaign, and brochures that reflected the elite quality and racing spirit behind the tour company. These key materials allowed the company to meet new prospects and provide follow-up information to potential patrons interested in its luxury services.

MSLK’s rebranding efforts and design solutions unified the brand and transformed Velo Classic Tours into a high-end service. Upon launch of its new brand identity, patrons raved of the new brand image and felt the tour company charged too little for the same tour offering. Furthermore, Velo Classic Tours was able to secure a tour sponsorship from Procycling Magazine and establish a partnership with a prestigious Italian villa simply based upon the quality of their promotional materials.