MSLK’s 360° Case Studies – Maly’s


MSLK has produced some fun and informative short films showcasing our work and design process. These were created to demonstrate to clients our 360° approach to branding. We found that video is a great way to fully explain all the details and thought that goes into each project.

Above is our video detailing our rebranding efforts for the national hair care distributor Maly’s. You can view the other 360° videos on our website, and we’ll be posting a new project to the blog each week.



Malys, the third largest US distributor of salon quality products, noticed their consumers, hair stylists, demonstrated loyalty to individual brands they purchased, yet rarely to a distributor. Malys sought to rebrand itself and change this consumer behavior.

MSLKs strategy was to transform the faceless corporation by creating an emotional connection. Hair stylists needed a sense of community and we saw an opportunity for Malys to provide that. Malys could rebrand itself as a source of inspiration for these licensed professionals.

MSLK redesigned the Malys logo, retail experience, website, and support collateral. We strived to convey the fact that there were people behind the corporation and create a sense of community. We did this by bringing John Maly, the President, forward and giving him a stronger presence in all of our design solutions. To further this personable approach, we utilized handwritten fonts in many of our designs to expose the human element behind Malys.

The new brand identity evolved Maly’s from strictly a distributor to a hub for stylists a location where they could network with colleagues, get tips on the latest trends and fashions, and attend educational and social events. These rebranding efforts caught the attention of LOréal, the worlds largest beauty company, and led to the acquisition of Malys in 2007 for a substantial sum. The concepts created by our design team are currently being integrated into the new emerging brand.