May 9, 2016
Posted By: Marc

Sheri L Koetting's latest GCI Magazine Article, "When Green Isn't Enough"

MSLK Partner and Chief Strategist, Sheri L Koetting’s latest article for GCI Magazine tackles the concerns brands face when positioning themselves as “natural” or “organic.” What may have worked well only a few years ago is likely not to be a best practice in today’s highly-competitive retail environment. Sheri emphasizes that while brands may have once been able to make a name for themselves as leaders in the green beauty space, a well-defined brand story needs to tell more than how pure a brand is. Read the full article here:

September 29, 2015
Posted By: Marc


By winning the hearts and minds of professionals, brands simultaneously evolve their stature and gain insider access to the salon’s clientele. Sheri Koetting was invited by GCI Magazine to share some of the ways in which she’s learned how haircare brands could better connect with salons, which is in the September 2015 issue.

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June 9, 2015
Posted By: Sheri




Designing retail packaging is equal parts science and art. GCI magazine recently asked Sheri L Koetting of MSLK to share effective strategies we’ve gleaned over the years to help guide their readers as they consider their own package design process. In the article, which appears in the May 2015 issue, we explore the top three considerations for creating competitive packaging that performs at retail. A recap of the article appears below:

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November 12, 2012
Posted By: MSLK


Launched in 2008, the existing packaging sought to convey Wigwam as an all-American, family-owned brand with offerings for everyone: from the weekend warrior to the Olympic athlete. Despite an initial success, a slew of competitors entered the market recently with hard-hitting technology messages, causing Wigwam’s packaging to no longer stand out as they had once done so well. Wigwam again chose MSLK because of our deep understanding of the product line, their challenges, and our ability to help unearth deeper core issues with the brand.

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May 7, 2012
Posted By: MSLK


Illuminode is a global company manufacturing highly innovative, wearable LEDs whose color and rhythm are triggered by social interactions. This astounding, futuristic product required an equally innovative identity.

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March 2, 2012
Posted By: MSLK

MSLK Creative Director and Co-Founder Marc S Levitt was quoted in a recent Atlantic article, speaking about the design profession’s critical — yet largely unsung — role. The article aims to draw parallels between wide-ranging professions from fact-checkers to anesthesiologists, describing them the “Invisibles.”

Citing examples ranging from book design to the now-infamous Palm Beach County “butterfly ballot” in the 2000 presidential election, Levitt describes the careful role designers play in shaping others’ content:

While some may think that the best design always grabs our attention, Levitt counters that great design often shouldn’t call attention to itself. “I’m not as concerned with prettying things up as I am with the end user being engaged in the right way.”

The article seeks to draw a connection between various professions, finding common traits:

Meticulousness, savoring great responsibility, and seeking only internal satisfaction are a trifecta of traits—a near antithesis of our societal ethos of insouciant attention-cravers—as a culture we’d all do well to follow.

Full article, by David Zweig, can be read here:

February 1, 2012
Posted By: Marc

MSLK works with our clients to build great experiences with every touch-point of their brand, from identity design to websites, packaging, and promotions online and offline. Over the years we’ve found that the best promotions and websites are really only possible when there is a truly unique offering. The only limit is with the brands themselves. When we see a brand that has everything right, it’s exciting.

I came across such a brand during a search for eyeglasses. After numerous visits to online stores and brick & mortars, I found the whole process to be draining: too many choices, and a nagging sense that things were more expensive than they should be. Then I remembered an article I had read some time ago about a start-up making vintage-inspired frames with prescription lenses for only $95.00. I began my Google search using the keywords “New York Times vintage eye-wear website” which lead me right to the article.

Now, I’m the proud owner of a wonderful pair of stylish, vintage-inspired frames from Warby Parker. I only paid $95.00, and found the whole experience to be, well… fun, which is a far cry from my previous experiences. Here’s why:

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January 23, 2012
Posted By: Marc

We are thrilled to officially announce that our new packaging for Wigwam just won an American Packaging Design Award!

According to the letter of congratulations:

“For nearly five decades, Graphic Design USA has sponsored national design competitions that spotlight areas of excellence and opportunity for creative professionals. Of these, the American Package Design Awards is the fast growing. The reason is simple but profound: marketers are challenged as never before to convey their message. Package design — along with the related disciplines of POP and instore graphics — are increasingly the difference-makers in the consumer’s purchasing decision. This competition celebrates well-designed graphics, of course, but also the power of design to advance the brand promise and forge an emotional connection with the buyer at the moment of truth.”

Making this even better is that we were able to top ourselves… having won the same award for our soon-to-be-the-old packaging in 2008. Lightning has definitely struck twice, and it feels even better than it did the first time! Congrats to all at MSLK and Wigwam who helped make this as great as it could be.

Look for the new packaging as it arrives in stores this spring!

May 17, 2011
Posted By: Ryan

Most packaging projects pose the same marketing and design challenge: How do you present a large amount of information within a small area, while simultaneously conveying your brand’s voice?

We know you have many stories you want to tell, such as your brand’s core messages, the product’s purpose, ingredients etc. Since you have limited time to engage with consumers, it’s important to eliminate the extraneous and be clear about the hierarchy of elements.  It’s all about balancing branding with information design. The brand is the macro story and is the first thing that should be noticed about the package. Following that should be the purpose, and the micro stories which could include benefits, ingredients, technologies etc. MSLK has found that the best way to examine these issues is by playing the role of the consumer in the retail space. What do I see when I’m 20 ft from the package vs. 10 ft vs. 5 ft vs. 1 ft? Read more

April 21, 2010
Posted By: Marc

New Rule: If you’re going to redesign your highest denomination, then hire a designer! This is an abomination which appears to have been driven by no aesthetic principles. Just a bunch of engineers who tried to cram everything into our nation’s most valued denomination.

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