December 3, 2015
Posted By: Marc

Sharing is cool. It makes people happy. You know what else is cool? GIFs!— the fun, animated images that’ve been making people’s screens happy since 1987. GIFs have since been one of the fastest ways for mirth (and memes) to be shared.

MSLK wanted to join in on the fun. So we created a fun series of beauty-themed GIFs meant to be shared by all on their social media networks. Now that Facebook and Twitter allow animated GIFs in their news feeds, you can  be the most interesting person on social media.

Check out where we’ll uploading a new GIF every day through December 25th. When sharing, please be sure to use the hashtag #gifgiving. 

Happy Holidays,
The MSLK Team
April 10, 2014
Posted By: Marc


For Immediate Press Release:

Long Island City, NY — April 10, 2014

MSLK announced today that their website design for premiere artist representative agency Friend + Johnson has been honored for Best website in the 18th Annual Webby Awards. Hailed as the “Internet’s highest honor” by The New York Times, The Webby Awards, presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS), is the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet. The IADAS, which nominates and selects The Webby Award Winners, is comprised of web industry experts, including media mogul Arianna Huffington, Skype CEO Tony Bates, Mozilla CEO and Chair Mitchell Baker, Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom, mobile-phone inventor Martin Cooper, and Creator of the Gif Steve Wilhite.

MSLK’s iconic branding and design for Friend + Johnson’s website uses the latest technology and trends — with a fluid layout which adapts to devices at all sizes, as well as lightbox and social sharing integration.

“Honorees like MSLK are setting the standard for innovation and creativity on the Internet,” said David-Michel Davies, Executive Director of The Webby Awards. “It is an incredible achievement to be selected among the best from the 12,000 entries we received this year.”

“We took everything we’ve learned over the past 16 years designing award-winning, user-focused portfolio sites and applied it to the Friend + Johnson website,” said Marc S Levitt, Partner and Creative Director of MSLK.  “It was a careful balancing act, combining two goals which are often in opposition: having the largest imagery possible, while also keeping the F+J brand prominent so that it is top-of-mind amongst the world’s most discerning art buyers and art directors. I believe we succeeded in doing that, as well as creating a site that is very easy to navigate. We were also very excited to partner with the development team, Lookbooks, making the most of their amazing technology platform.”

The website features a Pinterest-style home page showing a wide variety of new portfolio images and news items relating to Friend + Johnson’s exciting roster of talent. Individual artist pages feature large imagery with easy-to-navigate thumbnails available only one click away at any time. A frequently updated blog keeps an actively engaged audience informed of all agency and artists news and achievements.

 The 18th Annual Webby Awards received 12,000 entries from over 60 countries and all 50 states. Out of all the 12,000 entries submitted, fewer than 15% received this honor and were deemed an Official Honoree.

About MSLK
MSLK is an NYC-based design and marketing agency specializing in 360° solutions for clients in the creative services, fashion, and beauty industries.

About The Webby Awards:
Hailed as the “Internet’s highest honor” by The New York Times, The Webby Awards is the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet, including Websites, Interactive Advertising & Media, Online Film & Video, Mobile & Apps, and Social. Established in 1996, The Webby Awards received nearly 12,000 entries from all 50 states and over 60 countries worldwide this year. The Webby Awards is presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS). Sponsors and Partners of The Webby Awards include: Microsoft, Dell, Vitamin T, MailChimp, Engine Yard, Funny or Die, AdAge, Percolate, Mashable, Business Insider, Internet Week New York and Guardian News and Media.

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December 7, 2013
Posted By: Sheri

MSLK-Brand Archiitecture Article

A clear understanding of how each of your products relate to each other, helps customers navigate your product line to finding the product to fit their needs.  GCI beauty magazine asked us to explore how Brand Architecture is relevant to large and small brands in their November 2013 issue, “Your Brand is Our Business”.  A recap of this article is below.

The term “Brand Architecture” has variety of meanings and uses. However, the core purpose is universal. Brand Architecture is the relationship between brands, product lines, and products themselves in a company’s portfolio.

If you are aware that Ralph Lauren has several brands, such as Ralph Lauren Collection, Ralph, Polo by Ralph Lauren, etc. you have seen brand architecture in action. This form of brand and product organization is often referred to as a “branded house”. It also goes by many other names and has a few subsets, including Monolithic, Endorsed Brand, Family Brand, or Umbrella Brand. Regardless of what you call it, the name or equity of the company is leveraged again and again across every product or line extension it creates. Read more

January 23, 2012
Posted By: Marc

We are thrilled to officially announce that our new packaging for Wigwam just won an American Packaging Design Award!

According to the letter of congratulations:

“For nearly five decades, Graphic Design USA has sponsored national design competitions that spotlight areas of excellence and opportunity for creative professionals. Of these, the American Package Design Awards is the fast growing. The reason is simple but profound: marketers are challenged as never before to convey their message. Package design — along with the related disciplines of POP and instore graphics — are increasingly the difference-makers in the consumer’s purchasing decision. This competition celebrates well-designed graphics, of course, but also the power of design to advance the brand promise and forge an emotional connection with the buyer at the moment of truth.”

Making this even better is that we were able to top ourselves… having won the same award for our soon-to-be-the-old packaging in 2008. Lightning has definitely struck twice, and it feels even better than it did the first time! Congrats to all at MSLK and Wigwam who helped make this as great as it could be.

Look for the new packaging as it arrives in stores this spring!

February 1, 2011
Posted By: Cristina

Everyone’s a critic. Over the years, graphic design has become more mainstream. And as more people have become more aware of design, more people have become quick to judge and criticize any change in a well known corporate brand. Because of this, it’s not unheard of for a brand to change their look and then have a public backlash force them to change it back and pretend nothing ever happened (Think Gap and Tropicana). Of course, it’s impossible to make everyone happy, but with so many people responding to rebrands, selling a new look to the public is starting to become a crucial part of the rebranding process.

Starbucks and Comedy Central were both given an overhaul recently and are very good examples of this. While they are two vastly different companies, what they do have in common is that both of the companies took the time to present these rebrands in a way that says, “Yes, we did change our look, and we are going to show you why this is a change in the right direction.”

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January 11, 2011
Posted By: Marc

We’re asked all the time to create logos for organizations. A logo is the single defining image of an organization that you see on every piece of branded material. Think of Apple’s ubiquitous bitten apple (a symbol) or IBM’s striped blocky letters (a wordmark). More often that not, MSLK creates typographic wordmarks rather than symbols for our clients. This is not simply a matter of preference, but there are circumstances when it is better to use one kind versus the other. Read more to find out what is appropriate for your organization. Read more

November 17, 2010
Posted By: Ryan

Marketers are constantly exploring novel ways to reach their customers. How can you get people to notice your brand, buy your product, join your organization, go to your event or become a sponsor? Whatever the case may be, the goal is always the same: reaching your audience in a meaningful way that captures their attention. While your online and social media presence is definitely the most important viral way to engage with your audience, a recent print promotion for the Type Directors Club reminded me of how powerful a unique, well-thought out print campaign can be. Perhaps there is still a bit of room in the marketplace for this type of work. Sometimes it’s exactly what’s needed to make people notice just how great your company or organization is.

So what makes for a spectacular print promotion? I’d say it’s a combination of a unique concept, thoughtful material selection, a healthy dose of graphic wit, and flawless execution.  All of these elements should come together seamlessly to create something that people want to hold on to. Read more

October 21, 2010
Posted By: Marc

There’s one trend in website design and development that we simply must call attention to. The curse of the “Coming Soon” page! In a world of up-datable content, blogs, and sites that change almost daily, a “coming soon” sign anywhere on a website pretty much guarantees that it’s a feature that is “never coming.”

How often do you get excited about a website, click over to the News section and see an exuberant “Coming Soon!” sign up there? Maybe there’s even an upbeat “Check Back Soon!” added for more dramatic flair.

It’s not your fault. It was probably your web designer’s idea, but it’s a bad one. If you are the web designer who suggested it — stop that!

Here’s our advice for what to do instead.

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October 13, 2010
Posted By: Marc

So much can happen in a week. A company can unveil a new logo, receive a public flogging, ask for free submissions, and then revert back to its original logo. If all goes well for clothing chain The Gap, most people will never know that the brand just did one of the biggest belly flops in the history of branding…

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October 11, 2010
Posted By: Marc

If you haven’t seen this website yet, have a look:

It’s a promotion for the rock band Arcade Fire’s song “We Used to Wait”, and it uses an array of interactive features which customize the experience for each user. More than just a website, it’s actually described as an “interactive film” by Chris Milk using the latest website coding technology known as HTML 5. More than just a promotion, it’s one of the freshest things I have seen online in quite a while.
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