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The Swedish MSLK Chair

To Celebrate the opening of an Ikea in Brooklyn (finally) I thought I would share the Swedish Furniture Name Generator. Kinda fun, kinda stupid, but as an Ikea fan, I couldn’t help but love it a little. Enter your name and find out what you would be called if you sat upon the shelves of IKEA. Above is The Swedish MSLK Chair: The MSJLLK!As for the new Ikea in Red Hook, I have not been there yet, but Ellen and Jason brought back positive reviews last weekend. How can you not love an Ikea that you can take a Water Taxi to? Oh what I would have given last summer to not have been stuck in Holland Tunnel traffic on my way to Elizabeth, NJ after moving for two days. I am excited that now furnishing an apartment on a budget in Brooklyn will be a little less painful, well until you have to assemble the furniture…

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