August 30, 2017
Posted By: Ryan

MSLK’s Sheri Koetting was asked by Brand Packaging to discuss luxury packaging trends and the available opportunities to break those traditional models. Many beauty brands use packaging as a means of expressing the prestige and value of their products. Notable visual and material cues have grown to be synonymous with luxury. But though the luxury beauty industry typically maintains the entrenched tenets of packaging design, innovative brands are beginning to redefine luxury to stand out in the crowded market, ultimately charting a path for new trends and redefining luxury packaging design. 

To learn more about trends in luxury beauty packaging and to explore white space possibilities for your brand, read the full article on the Brand Packaging Magazine website

August 1, 2017
Posted By: Ryan

GCI Magazine asked MSLK’s Sheri Koetting to discuss the importance of understanding the core tenets of luxury design. Brands must be cognizant of traditional tropes in luxury branding to properly cater to their customer’s expectations. The seamless and effervescent packaging designs that are exemplary of luxury beauty convey an effortless, sophisticated cool. By first understanding luxury’s tried and true industry canon, your brand will be armed with the foundation to break established practice and explore new opportunities in luxury design with a competitive edge. Read the full article on the GCI website.