September 22, 2014
Posted By: MSLK

GCI Beauty Magazine asked MSLK to demonstrate how creating distinct audience profiles can inspire a unique beauty brand. We’ve found that clear profiles are invaluable tools for the success of any brand. They free us from personal bias, enabling all parties to make objective decisions at every step of the brand creation process. This article appears in GCI’s September 2014 issue, “State of the Industry,” and a recap appears here:

In today’s crowded marketplace, brands have an extremely limited time to engage customers. Therefore, it’s imperative to captivate your “it” girl or guy quickly and easily.

To do this, marketers need to understand what makes their customers tick by clearly defining targeted audience profiles. The goal of this process is to gain an in-depth understanding of your customers on all levels, from their demographics and motivations, to how and where they shop. This knowledge will lay the foundation for all strategies moving forward, allowing a unique voice and visual design to emerge naturally. Your brand will be set up for success, containing all of the visual and verbal triggers to speak to your customers directly and succinctly.

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