December 14, 2012
Posted By: Ryan

Yesterday afternoon, MSLK broadcasted our fourth webinar for marketing professionals, Talking Tech: Proven Marketing Strategies for Apparel & Beauty. In this presentation, we draw upon a wide range of best-practice examples for showcasing innovative technologies, construction techniques and/or formulations. You will walk away empowered with methods to clearly convey your point-of-difference in the crowded consumer landscape.

In case you missed our presentation, a recording is presented here for your convenience.

December 1, 2012
Posted By: MSLK


The AIGA is the oldest and largest professional organization for design whose design competitions have always been well-regarded. Recently, they needed to reclaim their relevancy amongst a slew of newer competitions, diluting the AIGA’s efforts. In an effort to emphasize design thinking and strategy, they sought to merge all of their design competitions into one, which would recognize visual design solutions as well as written case studies. Our directive was to position this recognition with the gravitas that it truly deserved.


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