May 31, 2012
Posted By: Ryan

Image-driven fashion and beauty brands are reaping the rewards from traffic via curated social network sites like Pinterest, Fancy and Svpply. While Pinterest’s focus has never been specifically on shopping, for many, it has become a new way to share the products they love, own and wish to have. By contrast, Fancy and Svpply are entirely focused on shopping, which is their primary point of difference from Pinterest. All of these relatively new social networks, filled with tons of inspiring eye candy to keep users engaged for hours, have become powerful new outlets for brands and retailers to take advantage of. Here’s how: Read more

May 16, 2012
Posted By: Ryan

As a marketer, how can you harness Design to support your brand’s strategic goals? When we speak of Design, (notice the capital D) we are of course not only talking about graphics and stylistic treatments (you already knew that right?) but about the organization of information, the hierarchy of messages and brand assets. Starting a project with a creative brief ensures that the visual design that emerges is purposeful, allowing your brand to perform in the market as you intended. It is the objective starting point before the more subjective design process begins. Read more

May 14, 2012
Posted By: Sheri

“Is having a blog and an email newsletter redundant?” a colleague recently asked. MSLK believes absolutely not. If utilized correctly both will draw from the same content plan, but your email newsletter helps you stay top of mind with your existing database while your blog is designed to help reach a larger network of followers on social media, including introducing your brand to perfect strangers. Here’s how: Read more

May 9, 2012
Posted By: Marc

We’re pleased to announce that our new packaging and strategic brand development for Wigwam Mills has just been picked-up by Packaging of the World — one of the most prominent packaging design website showcasing the most interesting and creative packaging work worldwide. Its audience includes packaging designers, graphic designers, advertising agencies, students and manufacturers, garnering close to half a million impressions every month.

Check it out now!

May 7, 2012
Posted By: MSLK


Illuminode is a global company manufacturing highly innovative, wearable LEDs whose color and rhythm are triggered by social interactions. This astounding, futuristic product required an equally innovative identity.

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May 7, 2012
Posted By: Sheri

In today’s crowded marketplace, consumers and retailers don’t necessarily need another product in their lives. However humans are natural storytellers. We will always have room in our lives and on our shelves for brands that tell us something interesting .

For over 14 years we have helped brands find their voice in today’s crowded market and send that unified message across varied media. We also recognize that today’s busy consumer doesn’t read. Often a picture — or better yet — a movie is worth a thousand words. This 90 second reel of our work in fashion and beauty showcases a few of the stories we’ve created. Read more