July 28, 2011
Posted By: Cristina

At MSLK, we’re constantly working to improve our own social media presence while helping you improve yours. We’re big fans of practicing what we preach, and social media is no exception. We want to make sure that whenever we recommend something, that we have thoroughly researched it, tried it out ourselves and have seen results. Read more to learn about the ways we’ve applied the social media strategies that we’ve been talking about and how they’ve affected our own social media stats. Read more

July 21, 2011
Posted By: Ryan

Yesterday afternoon, MSLK broadcasted our third webinar for marketing professionals, Customer-Centric Social Media for Fashion + Beauty. If you’re struggling to create relevant content for social media platforms and are wondering how to connect with your customers while increasing your brand reach and equity, this is the webinar for you. In case you missed the presentation or wanted to return to a specific portion, the recording is presented here for your convenience.

July 14, 2011
Posted By: MSLK

Group Shot 1

Every year, the Albert Einstein College of Medicine invites alumni to celebrate their reunion and reengage with the campus community. Einstein’s Alumni Relations directors came to MSLK looking to reinvigorate these event materials from top to bottom.

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