May 17, 2011
Posted By: Ryan

Most packaging projects pose the same marketing and design challenge: How do you present a large amount of information within a small area, while simultaneously conveying your brand’s voice?

We know you have many stories you want to tell, such as your brand’s core messages, the product’s purpose, ingredients etc. Since you have limited time to engage with consumers, it’s important to eliminate the extraneous and be clear about the hierarchy of elements.  It’s all about balancing branding with information design. The brand is the macro story and is the first thing that should be noticed about the package. Following that should be the purpose, and the micro stories which could include benefits, ingredients, technologies etc. MSLK has found that the best way to examine these issues is by playing the role of the consumer in the retail space. What do I see when I’m 20 ft from the package vs. 10 ft vs. 5 ft vs. 1 ft? Read more