January 27, 2011
Posted By: Ryan

MSLK has had the pleasure of crafting engaging portfolio websites for many artists and artist representatives. The process of hiring creative talent has certainly changed in recent years. Physical books are still wonderful tools to solidify an engagement — once you’ve been short listed for a job, but reviewing printed portfolios has become few and far between. Websites have become the number one sales tool for any business, even creative individuals.

Creative websites needs to grab the attention of busy individuals, place emphasis on the work itself and be easy to navigate. The easier your site is for viewers to use, the more of your work they’ll actually see. Experience has shown that users absorb information in different ways, so it is important to implement multiple methods of navigation into your site in order to tailor to the needs of all user types. Read more

January 20, 2011
Posted By: Ryan

A question that our clients ask a lot is: how will I be able to update the website you made for me? MSLK responds: that’s easy, through a simple interface known as a content managment system or cms for short. This is often referred to as the back-end of your website or what the public doesn’t see. It’s usually a dashboard that is extremely user friendly. If you use Microsoft word, you can use a CMS to update your website. Read more

January 11, 2011
Posted By: Marc

We’re asked all the time to create logos for organizations. A logo is the single defining image of an organization that you see on every piece of branded material. Think of Apple’s ubiquitous bitten apple (a symbol) or IBM’s striped blocky letters (a wordmark). More often that not, MSLK creates typographic wordmarks rather than symbols for our clients. This is not simply a matter of preference, but there are circumstances when it is better to use one kind versus the other. Read more to find out what is appropriate for your organization. Read more

January 4, 2011
Posted By: Ryan

If you’re like us, you probably cannot live without your smart phone. People are spending more time than ever in the mobile space, which presents new challenges and opportunities for marketers. Why not allow consumers to spend their time effectively by interacting with your brand while on their devices?

The app market has exploded in the past year, and MSLK has capitalized on this trend with our release of OTO, a fun photo-app. An app, like print, packaging, or the web, is simply another piece in the brand puzzle that can serve needs not previously met by any of these more traditional media.

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