November 23, 2010
Posted By: MSLK

MSLK’s Sheri L Koetting was mentioned in Happi‘s coverage of the HBA session, “Social Media: Marketing for the 21st Century.” The article highlights MSLKs experience in reinvigorating fashion and beauty brands and helping them embrace social media platforms.

Social Media: Marketing for the 21st Century
Happi, Magazine

November 17, 2010
Posted By: Ryan

Marketers are constantly exploring novel ways to reach their customers. How can you get people to notice your brand, buy your product, join your organization, go to your event or become a sponsor? Whatever the case may be, the goal is always the same: reaching your audience in a meaningful way that captures their attention. While your online and social media presence is definitely the most important viral way to engage with your audience, a recent print promotion for the Type Directors Club reminded me of how powerful a unique, well-thought out print campaign can be. Perhaps there is still a bit of room in the marketplace for this type of work. Sometimes it’s exactly what’s needed to make people notice just how great your company or organization is.

So what makes for a spectacular print promotion? I’d say it’s a combination of a unique concept, thoughtful material selection, a healthy dose of graphic wit, and flawless execution.  All of these elements should come together seamlessly to create something that people want to hold on to. Read more

November 15, 2010
Posted By: Cristina

This past weekend, a couple of us at MSLK had the opportunity to take a break from our computer screens and have some fun with words. The Spark Typography Workshop invited participants to use unconventional materials to illustrate ordinary words, and the results were rather “hair raising.”

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November 11, 2010
Posted By: Sheri

Last week it seemed everywhere I turned our clients were talking about one thing, customer engagement in the form of gaming. Some wanted to use it for loyalty and rewards programs, others in social media, others like Redken went so far as to launch their own video game. We think it’s a spot on target and certainly a hot trend to follow.

Let’s consider the signals

  1. 4 generations of target audiences have now been reared on video games
  2. digital games are on every media device available
  3. social media platforms like FourSquare mimic games with their social status and rewards system
  4. the most popular online games recently have people happily doing such mundane tasks as farming, running a restaurant, changing a baby’s diaper, all with great joy and enthusiasm! Read more
November 10, 2010
Posted By: Cristina

Custom Made Gift Tags!

The holidays are upon us, and we’re getting in the spirit by giving away 10 sets of MSLK “Cheers!” gift tags! Each set contains 26 adhesive gift tags that are perfect for the holidays as well as any other time of year. To enter simply “like” us on Facebook and then enter under the Sweepstakes tab. This offer is only available until December 3rd so enter for a chance to win now!

November 9, 2010
Posted By: Marc

There’s a chill in the air, and chestnuts about to be roasted. That means it’s the perfect time to start thinking about gifts for the holidays. MSLK now has a wide range of giftable items for sale on the online shop at Felt & Wire.

10 items are currently featured: limited edition posters, letterpressed cards, die-cut bookmarks, and foil-stamped gift tags. Each is priced to match any budget (and grade-level of humor.) Many of these items can be useful in making your gifting easier, such as our customizable gift tags.

So pick up a set of your faves today: