December 19, 2009
Posted By: Marc

Spark, the design association MSLK helped found, had a banner year in 2009 whose highlights included:

– Launching a new San Francisco chapter
– Press features in a number of industry magazines
– Filing for 501(c) non-profit status
– Increased membership

Above all, it’s the incredible talent of the members — especially our steering committee — who make being a part of this association such a fantastic experience. Fittingly, our annual party at NYC’s Vig bar was no less of a success, as well, bringing together members, guest speakers from throughout the year, as well as the vendors who have helped made our projects possible.

December 17, 2009
Posted By: MSLK


Every year MSLK seeks to create a useful and well-designed client gift to illustrate our passion for design. In 2009 we sought to create the perfect bottle of wine for the holidays.
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December 14, 2009
Posted By: MSLK

Help I’m Bored

Ever feel like you have problems that no one has any solutions to? Help Remedies may have an answer for you.

Don’t know what to wear?

Never been kissed?

Or maybe you just have a song stuck in your head?

Help Remedies have collected humorous (yet helpful) answers to all these questions and lots more. The brand is known for its elegant, minimal design and eco-friendly packaging, but they’ve also come up with great ways to get their customers involved in the brand.  The Help I’m Bored page is amusing and a great way to start a Monday morning.  It also gives a good idea of what the brand stands for: making it simple to solve simple health issues.

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December 10, 2009
Posted By: Marc

The October issue of Graphic Design USA was dedicated to green design, and featured MSLK prominently:

– Page 20 turns its attention to our project Watershed, with a quote from Sheri Koetting about our eco art installation.

– Page 45 runs an agency profile about MSLK with an interview with Sheri and I speaking about the ways in which MSLK is a green design firm, and why.

We’ve re-run the interview after the jump…

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December 9, 2009
Posted By: Marc

Sheri and I just got back from a trip today to Wisconsin, visiting the folks at Wigwam to discuss the new marketing materials we’re developing for them.

Having been to the Milwaukee airport more than a few times, I’ve grown accustomed to a few routines: the best airline (Midwest), the best time to fly (avoid late outbound flights in winter), the best place to rent a car (Avis), and the best morning coffee after the plane ride. Sadly, this had always been Starbucks, as I hate Starbucks coffee — too bitter, too expensive, and too ubiquitous. (Sorry, Sheri).

Yet the choices at the Milwaukee airport were always much worse, and the caffeine junkie in me is not always rational… a fix is a fix.

That’s why in my post-flight fog, as I approached the familiar kiosk area in the terminal,  I did a double-take: had Starbucks been replaced by some funky indie coffee shop named Alterra?

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December 7, 2009
Posted By: Sheri

Today is the first day of the United Nations Climate Change Conference. For the next 11 days representatives from 170 countries accompanied by non-governmental organizations, journalists, business representatives, and personal enthusiast totaling an estimated 8,000 people are gathering to advocate reform to prevent global warming and climate changes. We met some of these advocates back in September during the UN’s Climate Week when they were beginning their rally cry.

One of the efforts to raise awareness and support for this global effort is grass roots effort called “Hopenhagen”. The people behind Hopenhagen are volunteers  from the International Advertising Association, advertising, marketing and communications industries who have donated their time and resources to do what they do best, create an awareness campaign. Through this campaign, they hope to, “Connect every person, every city, and every nation to Copenhagen. To give everyone hope, and a platform from which to act. To create a grassroots movement that’s powerful enough to influence change.”

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December 2, 2009
Posted By: Sheri

Twelve months after resolving to give up bottled water I can safely say my days of drinking bottled water are 100% behind me. With a new year’s goal to reduce my consumption down to no more than 12, or one per month, to date I have consumed only 4 disposable bottles of water, 3 of which happened in the first few months getting started. Since March I’ve been able to completely eradicate disposable bottled water from my life. Here’s how:

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