March 31, 2008
Posted By: katie

City cyclists are constantly swapping stories of near death by speeding vans or surprise car doors. Ellen and I often comment that ridding through LIC, Queens in the morning is like playing the arcade game, Frogger. As spring is upon us in NYC, it is even more important to raise public awareness to try to keep bikers safe in city traffic. My best bike buddy Sean just posted this great public service ad put out by Transport for London. LOVE IT, such a fun way to promote safety without saying the same old things. If only NYC would step it up and really do more to promote safe riding, then we could all commute by bike!

March 29, 2008
Posted By: Sheri

This weekend Marc and I went to Philadelphia to catch up with my sister who was looking a colleges (yep, 17 year age difference). Marc went to school in Philly so we’ll always jump at a chance to visit old friends and take in Philly’s mix of colonial meets tough up-and-coming hipsters. For some reason, a trip to Philly also means a trip to the Mütter Museum. The Mütter is like the Bodies exhibit with a focus on medical abnormalities. Their tagline of “Disturbingly Informative” couldn’t be more accurate. If you like weird, they’ve got weird. If you like gross, they’ve got gross. If you are worried about all the things that might go wrong with you or all the diseases you might catch in life, I suggest staying at home.

March 28, 2008
Posted By: katie

On Wednesday evening Emil and I headed out to the Art Directors Club’s Paper Expo to pick up some swatch books missing from the studio’s library and to indulge in the unlimited cocktails and snacks (and yes, those horrible notorious graphic design cheese sticks were there too). The ADC gallery is not exactly a big enough space for a paper expo and with everyone racing around like contestants on Supermarket Sweep, the word overwhelming is an understatement. As I pushed through the sea of designers toting bags and bags full of promotional crap, I couldn’t help but see the tremendous hypocrisy in the industry when it comes to sustainability….

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March 28, 2008
Posted By: emil

I went to Barnes & Noble the other day and was excited to see the new Phaidon Area 2 by Ellen Lupton that just came out 2 days ago. Area 2 features 100 of the world’s most interesting emerging graphic designers, as chosen by 10 of the most respected figures in the field. I am a fan of the first edition of Area with the white, yellow and silver cover that came out in 2005. The price was schocking, it is $90.00 compared to the first edition, which is $39.95. I am going to get mine at for $56.70.

March 28, 2008
Posted By: Sheri

You never know where inspiration will come from, a while back Marc’s mom sent us a forward of a forward to a “hilarious” Dutch site. We all agreed it wasn’t quite “hilarious” but it was pretty innovative and surely over the top. At first it’s a standard shopping card product page. Then the normally static products break from their catalog grid and fall over, explode, and spill into each other causing a domino like calamity on the page.

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March 27, 2008
Posted By: Marc

The other day our MINI’s side view mirror cap was stolen from a big box retailer’s parking lot. The most frustrating part was that we have reason to believe the culprit was another MINI owner, being that there was one in the lot. So much for being part of a cult community of design-forward enthusiasts who look out for each other. Or so I thought… more on this in bit.

The MINI dealer had no sympathy, asking for $250-300 to replace it. Yup… that’s $300 for a flimsy plastic part. Instead of a perfectly white dome, our new car essentially looked like Darth Vader unmasked. The horror!

No one likes to have things stolen from them — especially something that had no perceived value to us. But as the saying goes: “You never know how much you’ll miss your side view mirror’s cap until it’s gone.”

That’s when it hit me: why not ask my virtual community of MINI enthusiasts?

More...One rogue MINI owner had gotten me into this mess, maybe the virtual online community at North American Motoring could help get me out. I frequent the site to read up the latest news, get tips from owners, hear about great driving experiences, and take in the occasional rant or two. It’s the kind of place where it’s OK to nerd-out and have a cathartic talk about your obsessive car-owning tendencies. It’s the kind of place that you either love or hate.

Being a lover, I posted a thread recounting my tale of woe, and asked if anyone had a spare part, as it’s very common for MINI owners to “pimp-out” their rides, using aftermarket parts such as checkboard patterns, Union Jacks, and such.

Sure enough, a kind owner in Arizona offered up his. He sent me his address, I sent him a shipping label, and three days later, I received a package. In his package he wrote a note saying:


Here you go, good luck.

Remember to “Pay It Forward”

Here’s the results:



March 27, 2008
Posted By: katie

Ever since we upgraded to CS3 this past January, I’ve been trying my hardest to memorize the new pallet icons in Adobe Indesign so that I can keep the palettes reduced in the vertical bar in order to optimize my screen space. Some of the new icons are totally intuitive, others not so much. I’ve been struggling to make the connection with the italic type for the effects palette. That is until I said it out load. Right, fx = effects. Now that I get it, I finally have my palette icons down. With that said, I think it is stupid. Did everyone else get it way sooner than I did?

March 27, 2008
Posted By: ellen

Recycle a BicycleI stumbled across the Long Island City branch of Recycle a Bicycle, and it instantly made me happy. The workshop (where apparently they build the bikes) is located on an industrial block just off Vernon Boulevard. The mural of hearts, flowers and bikes seems like a perfect fit for this non-profit organization that fixes up old bikes and resells them throughout the city. It brightens up the whole block. Read more

March 25, 2008
Posted By: claudia

Thoughts after my first Easter in New York:

  • You can’t judge an egg-decorating kit by its cover; the results look different.
  • I just had to introduce the Swiss “Eiertütsche” tradition in New York. I can’t believe there is no special way to crack open an easter egg here!
  • I have mixed feelings when it comes to American Easter treats: Surprisingly, I love the yellow Peeps (even though they are incredibly sweet) – but, sorry, Marc, I just can’t share your passion for Cadbury Creme Eggs.

In past years, egg coloring was a fun activity with my niece Anna. This year, Yves generously offered me to fill in for Anna. I think he enjoyed it… the egg with the little face is his impressive master piece…

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March 23, 2008
Posted By: Sheri

Until today I have to admit I knew nothing about Curling. Every 4 years I’d catch it on the Olympics, wonder what was going on, and then quickly change the channel. When Marc and I were presented with the opportunity to learn a little bit more about the sport and play a game at the The Ardsley Curling Club, we decided why not.

The first thing I learned is that those things you throw down the ice are called ‘stones’. They each weigh about 40 lbs and like Bocci or shuffle board, your goal is to slide/’deliver’ the stone across the length of the ice to land in the center of the bullseye/’house’ at the other side. Sometimes your delivery is a little ‘light’ and may not make it to your desired position on the ice so your teammates help out by ‘sweeping’ back and forth in front of your stone slightly melting the ice and assisting your stone to travel even further (apparently good sweeping can add up to 10 ft to a throw).

I’d consider curling to be 1 part shuffleboard, 1 part bowling, and 1 part air hockey. It is certainly 100% addictive and easy fun for all ages. I’d certainly recommend it to anyone who loves strategic games. I also found ‘sweeping’ to be great cardio.