Luxury Web Design is Created Thoughtfully

A website is a company’s window to the world. MSLK, an award-winning web design firm, understands the need to effectively take an offline brand and bring it online. A website must embody the essence of your company because it serves as the primary storefront and the initial opportunity for all education and entertainment around your brand.

Intuition and marketing strategy are at the foundation of our strategic web development process. Careful planning produces award-winning website designs, and MSLK strives to create luxurious virtual environments tailor-made to suit your needs and maximize your market visibility.

Strategic Website Design

In the ever-changing face of technology, MSLK recognizes the need for strategic website design. Award-winning website designs should be updatable, expandable, and manageable for administrators. MSLK’s approach to strategic website design keeps you one step ahead of the rapidly evolving technology while focusing on your marketing objectives. We access your needs now and in the future by creating wireframe site maps. These are structural visualization tools that plan implementation stages for your site within budget now. In addition, they establish the goals and needs for site growth and expansion one year, three years, even five years from now. During the development of these wireframe site maps, you and your team will be able to envision the new website’s content, action, navigation, and marketing features.

However, MSLK never loses sight of the fact that websites are for people. A beautiful, easily navigable website ensures engaging consumer interaction, promotes traffic, and positively represents your company. Visitors should always be oriented and in control of navigation. These natural and instinctive interactions build meaningful experiences, providing clear information and creating lasting value.

Establishing a website is only the beginning of virally growing your brand online. MSLK assists your company in maintaining its online presence through various exciting and user-friendly promotions and fresh content. These features include e-commerce, contests, blogs, forums, advertisements, e-mailers and e-blasts, widgets, micro-sites, content feeds, optimizing for search engines (SEO), and other new and emerging tools.

MSLK has designed award-winning websites for clients such as the Wall Street Journal, Wigwam Mills, Anne Edgar Associates, and M Studio. Our online work has received a Webby award, an FWA award, and also been recognized as innovators in online navigation in the Taschen book, Guidelines for Online Success.

Ultimately, our goal is to produce websites that combine style + substance. By effectively combining strategy, creativity, and the latest technologies, our award-wining web design firm can produce captivating and unique websites to engage your audience and convert visitors into loyal consumers.