Awe Sum Organics


Awe Sum Organics is a leading importer of organic produce. Founder David Posner sought to build an organic lifestyle brand starting with expansion into skincare. MSLK’s task was to outline a strategic foundation for the brand. Our process resulted in a targeted, strategic, and more appealing presentation to retail buyers while also strengthening Awe Sum’s relationship with consumers.

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Positioning Charts
  • Brand Story
  • Customer Profiles
  • Brand Audit
  • Brand Architecture
  • Packaging Rebrand
  • Logo Refinement
  • Sales + Distribution Plan
  • Go to Market Strategy

Product Development Strategy / Brand Architecture

During a one-day collaborative workshop, we led the Awe Sum team to increase the product line from 18 to 43 SKUs, solidifying the brand architecture for years come. Each regimen focuses on key consumer benefits powered by botanicals.

Since our objective was to increase awareness of the Awe Sum parent brand, it was MSLK’s recommendation to retain, refine, and glorify the existing brand logo. 

Inspired by Awe Sum’s in-house lab and small batch production, our modern apothecary design sought to highlight the triangle logo. The line was created with an eco-friendly, recyclable mindset. All the packaging was made from aluminum and glass. The packaging design uses a combination of words and iconography to activate all sides of the box. This allowed us to tout Awe Sum’s revised brand story, key ingredients, waterless formulation, small batch production, and collaboration with the non-profit organization, the Homeless Garden Project

“Working with MSLK has been helpful and educational. With their solid understanding of our space, they helped us hone our product line and create a cohesive branding and product strategy. The insights we uncovered during our work together continue to inform our company direction.” 
– Jonee Austin, Organic Products Division Manager, Awe Sum Organics Inc.