Based out of Thailand, Pañpuri provides natural and organic wellness to world-class retailers and spas. They are market leaders with ever-expanding lines of skincare, bath, aromatherapy and personal care products. MSLK’s assignment was to refine and unify the Pañpuri line, creating a more consistent, cohesive, and luxury brand experience and establishing the backbone of the company’s plans for future expansion. 

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Brand Audit
  • Retail Audit
  • Brand Architecture
  • Packaging Rebrand
  • Logo Refinement

Previously, each and every Pañpuri line had a unique look and feel, including a wide variety of logos. Despite the wide variety of brand assets in use, our brand audit revealed a strong consumer recall of the crest logo, the faceted packaging, and a few key colors. The established Pañpuri crest logo did not reproduce well at small sizes and across a wide range of media. A new crest logo was created with an even more refined version for the smallest applications. 

Color is an essential tool for helping consumers choose the product that is right for them. Each regimen has a distinct color that represents the line personality and associated product benefits.

Product Family Extension

Having developed a clear and regimented system for each line allows for expansion into other product categories. The Pañpuri team was able to take the systems and design guidelines prepared by MSLK and use them to implement the final brand development in-house.

“Bringing MSLK in gave us a new perspective, fresh ideas and much-needed clarity on the key issues we had to address for our brand’s creative evolution. MSLK’s understanding of luxury branding and the desires of modern-day consumers helped us tackle issues both large and small – collaboratively giving shapes, colors and images to concepts we’ve had in the pipeline. Thanks to MSLK, we are now twice as confident as a brand.”
– Hans Audic B. Estialbo, Creative & Business Development Director, Pañpuri

“It is quite a relief to now have a clear direction moving forward. During the day of our Brand Strategy workshop, we were able to solve issues that the Pañpuri team had been grappling with for years. MSLK brought clarity and fresh perspective to issues we hadn’t been able to resolve previously as well as fresh ideas on topics we hadn’t even considered.” 
– Vorravit Siripark, Founder, Pañpuri