After a few years of regional success under the brand name e.Oil, the founder and new investor team came to MSLK looking to reposition the brand for growth online. Competitive research revealed that no other brand had a robust offering leveraging the hydrating properties of cold-pressed avocado oil. We made strategic adjustments to product formulations still in the development pipeline and a new brand name, Avivi, symbolizing avocado + vitality, was born.

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Positioning Charts
  • Positioning Statement
  • Customer Profiles
  • Naming
  • Logo design
  • Packaging
  • Identity System
  • Photo art direction
  • Brand website
  • Microsite

Avivi’s hero product, Youthful, is an anti-aging serum which has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A luxurious set-top box was used to safely ship the product and create a truly remarkable unboxing experience. Light-blocking glass packaging was used to preserve and protect the quality of ingredients inside.

We designed Avivi to be giftable and proudly displayed at home. An innovative application of traditional production methods was employed to produce Avivi’s trademark “dip.” This allowed Avivi to stay cost-effective with stock packaging components, yet impart a magical, hand-touched feel.

As our team explored the overall user experience, we desired to also improve the shopability of the line. Color and visuals are essential tools for helping consumers choose the product right for them. The outer mylar boxes are designed to provide protection for shipping, while featuring custom watercolors of natural imagery that evoke the emotional and physically restorative benefits of each product’s essential oils. The result is a product so beautiful some savvy fans “collect them all” for display.

Avivi’s initial launch would be subscription-based sales exclusively through their own site. In order to streamline the user experience as much as possible, we diagrammed the entire consumer journey from discovering the brand through placing an order. This process unified the team on content objectives for each page and yielded a comprehensive digital experience that balances romance, product education, and conversion-centric principles.

Responsive layouts feature gentle curves inspired by the dipped bottles. Carefully art-directed lifestyle and ingredient images were created to set the tone and build a mood for the brand. A contextual “buy box” moves with users to maximize sales.

On-page and off-site SEO strategies including blogging, authority building, social comments, and community participation were all employed to bring awareness to the benefits of cold-press avocado oil and introduce the new line.

“Working with MSLK has been wonderfully rewarding. They brought innovative ideas and valuable industry experience to the table, helping bring my vision to life!”
–     Cheryl MacCluskey, Founder, Avivi

“MSLK’s prowess for conceptual design and digital integrations were hands down the best we’ve experienced, with a keen understanding on optimizing the implementation of eye-catching and conversion centric UI/UX within all versions of our sites. They were able to take an excellent concept and turn out an even more exceptional result, in both our brand’s overall image as well as our online presence.”
– Arthur K. Watson III, Managing Director, Avivi