“Radiate beauty from within.” This is the hope of every woman, and the inspiration behind the ingestible beauty beverage, Sparkle. Sparkle’s main ingredient is a collagen peptide clinically proven to reduce fine lines and improve skin elasticity. Sparkle’s brand experience engages followers in a whole new movement toward better living, starting each day with a refreshing glass of goodness and renewed optimism. We began by creating a name and brand identity that naturally stands out among a sea of institutional and unemotional competitors. 

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Positioning Charts
  • Positioning Statement
  • Customer Profiles
  • Naming
  • Logo design
  • Marketing Plan
  • Packaging
  • Identity System
  • Art direction
  • Print promotion
  • Retail display
  • Sales collateral
  • Website
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Video Promotion

A short video was made to showcase how easily Sparkle could be integrated into one’s lifestyle, at work and at home. MSLK art-directed the video, helping with every detail including concept, as well as casting, based on the customer profiles we developed. 

Online, we created a platform to inform and inspire. Lifestyle imagery, tantalizing recipes, and social media are all used to build the Sparkle community. 

Because Sparkle requires 30 days of use before results can be seen, recipes and motivational tips are essential to retain customers’ interest. The founder’s background as a beauty blogger enabled MSLK to collaborate and develop a strong engagement campaign.

An icon system reflecting Sparkle’s core brand values was developed to brand all social content and help users quickly identify recipes, beauty tips, fitness, and stress-reducing tips. 

Pamphlets were developed for point-of-purchase sites to help educate consumers about the benefits of Sparkle and what is happening beneath the skin’s surface.

Inspired by popular demand, a handout was developed, showcasing Sparkle’s most popular recipes.

Our target audience research identified brides-to-be as a potential niche. Targeted advertising and a microsite were developed specifically to capture the interest of women seeking to have a radiant glow on their special day.

MSLK was also asked to plan for brand expansion. We developed a brand architecture system that began with the design of a flavorless capsule form of the product. The graphics picked up on the major elements of the original packaging, while creating a new system of colors and iconography to designate each product.

Radiating silver foil was used for core brand identity materials, while colored logos reflected individual products by flavor cues.

Several key insights were identified during our process. Regardless of media, Sparkle needed to be clear about which specific audience they were targeting. There is a big difference between reaching the small but growing segment of consumers who are currently using ingestible products for beauty benefits, versus attracting the users only familiar with topical beauty treatments. In the end, our 30 Ways to Sparkle social media strategy was a great way of supporting existing users and introducing the product to new audiences. What started out as a 30-day campaign has been running for several years.

“MSLK has been a valuable partner helping build our brand layer by layer. The 30 Ways to Sparkle online campaign brought our brand voice to life and gave us a long term communication strategy that has been resonating with both consumers and retailers.”
– Derek O’Neil, Founder, Sparkle