Skincare industry veterans Joe and Stephanie Ittstein came to MSLK with a mission to provide a cleaner and greener alternative to the traditional hand-sanitizer market. With a global pandemic already underway, speed-to-market was critical, and within two months we were able to go from design concept to launch.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Packaging Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Art Direction
  • Sales Brochures and Collateral
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Digital + Web Design

Brand Identity and Architecture

Lemyn has their eyes set on occupying the aisles of major retailers nationwide. Many of these stores have regulations on how items are labeled and named to ensure authenticity, especially around claims of organic products. MSLK proposed a flexible identity system and brand architecture to accommodate both an Organics- and a future Botanics-based line.


Market research revealed that the more developed natural cleaning market has historically struggled to convey the attributes of being both “natural” and “effective” at the same time. Most brands position themselves as strictly one or the other. Designs that showcase both of these traits became the targeted whitespace for this project. We also determined that color would be a crucial point of differentiation, and identified florescent yellow or red as standout choices in our targeted design directions.

Because Lemyn brought a wealth of product information to the table, the Swiss layout proved to be an effective approach to display all of its essential storytelling and scientific data in a way that could be accommodated to smaller sizes within the product line. This also lent to being a client favorite, as Joe and Stephanie’s Swiss heritage added a nice connection to the Swiss design influence. Due to the intense time crunch of Lemyn’s targeted plan to launch, stock packaging proved to be the best at meeting their needs; however, concepts of custom molds and refillable packaging are still in the back of our minds for the future.



Consumers spend 47 seconds unboxing a product purchased online. An unboxing experience that is shareable is an essential tool for customer support, sampling, influencer kits, etc. The three-in-one multi-purpose box we designed is a crucial part of Lemyn’s initiative to get their products into more hands, faster. This unboxing experience allows Lemyn to share their story in a way that’s designed to get consumers talking, sample the 2 oz. products at a good value, and learn more via the QR code directed to a targeted landing page.


Our relationship with Lemyn became a long-term partnership as our team supplied Lemyn with the business strategy for entering the market and maintaining an ongoing system of sales support. Through the means of strategy, content, design, and copywriting, Lemyn was able to penetrate the market with other collateral that ultimately functioned to educate the consumer, giving them insight on the benefits of the ingredients, as well as the proper method to sanitize hands.





Lemyn's Trifold Brochure

Website Wireframes

Success in the digital space relies on translating the physical product experience to a consumer through rich and engaging content. Our targeted landing pages cover all the research, social and scientific proof that didn’t fit in onto the packaging. The product pages themselves were enhanced to include more consumer education including at-a-glance health and safety assurances, technology, reviews, results, key ingredients, FAQs, and brand values. These features provide new consumers with the assurances they need to convert a sale.

“MSLK has been the best partner we have worked with — ever. We have experienced zero issues during our collaboration across all of the different media and branding needs covered in this project — which is saying a lot. The work produced by MSLK consistently exceeds my expectations. It is safe to say that MSLK is part of the foundation of our brand.”

– Joe Ittstein, Founder