Skin Type Solutions

Simplifying the Skin Care System

Skin Type Solutions came to MSLK looking to build a digital e-commerce platform to increase access to their Baumann Skin Type System, which had previously only been distributed in dermatology offices. The patented, number-based Bauman system provides a wealth of skincare knowledge, with tailored product regimens to refine and rebalance every skin type into a perfect 10. This new platform will increase awareness of the Skin Type System, allow existing patients easier access for reorders and drive traffic to Dermatologist partners for additional in-office treatments.


MSLK transformed the role of the product pages to increase conversions. The new design made the product page the central hub of all information. These scrolling pages showcase product free-froms, ingredient stories, personalized routines, professional opinions from doctors, reviews, and product FAQs, guiding users through Skin Type Solutions’ personalization process. Just like the user experiences at a Doctor’s office, MSLK evolved the overall voice of the site to become approachable, helpful, and guiding. Visually, this meant replacing stark, clinical layouts with warm hues and soft gradients.


There were several opportunities for Skin Type Solutions to arrive at a consumer-centered place. The overall tone of the site needed to be approachable, helpful, and guiding. On the visual front, this meant taking the coldness out of a seemingly stark and clinical appearance. With our competitor audit and SEO strategy, we saw opportunities to help consumers solve their skin problems and provide in-depth education on the regimens required to get there.


To increase conversions, we also analyzed the consumer’s journey to purchase. The previous user experience lacked a clear directive. Our new design made those directives crystal clear. Inbound marketing encourages users to either quickly purchase a single product or complete the quiz in order to discover their skin
type and tailored regimen.


The team creates first creates wireframes to focus solely on the user experience and the type of content presented at each stage in the process. Approved wireframes also allow the design and UX team to then focus on bringing the feeling and experience to life via colors, visuals, illustrations, etc.


After users have taken the quiz, valuable real estate on the site evolves to promote other calls to action, such as subscribing to a Skin Type regimen.

“Our work with MSLK was well worth the money, they helped us refine our existing brand strategy to be more consumer facing and e-commerce ready. There is nothing more rewarding than leaving a meeting with everyone agreeing, that used to be impossible!”

–Paul Painter, Chief Operating Officer

“We have many websites in our digital marketing eco-system and I’ve been trying to make sense of our site map and customer journeys for years. MSLK provided analytically driven insights and a clear road map so everyone on our team could visualize and provide objective feedback. I love the clarity and organization they brought to our brand value proposition, content, and user journey.”

–Leslie Baumann MD, FAAD