With roots in fine fragrance, Lavanila became a trailblazer in the market in 2007 as the first natural deodorant in Sephora. After a boom in demand for aluminum-free deodorant in 2019 and an upcoming launch with Target, Lavanila’s relationship with MSLK began with a refresh of their e-Commerce website. Their goals were to increase brand awareness, grow their e-Commerce business, and drive traffic to retail. Lavanila also sought to accommodate the nearly 20 SKUs they planned to release in the coming year.

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  • SEO Keyword Strategy
  • Digital + Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Website Analytics
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  • Strategic Digital Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Off-Page Organic SEO
  • Google PPC Advertising
  • Amazon Marketing


In order to determine the best plan of action, MSLK completed a review of existing site analytics and an audit of the top site features in the natural deodorant category. Analyzing all areas from seals and certifications to user checkout experience, we  determined  what parts of the existing site were working versus where the brand could capture market white space. In addition, MSLK examined typical consumer search patterns online and formed a recommended SEO keyword plan to capture consumers who search organically.


Capitalizing on the trend that users are clicking less and scrolling more, MSLK first focused visitors’ attention by consolidating pages that did not contribute to site conversion. MSLK also restructured Lavanila’s existing linear product navigation into a dynamic hub where shoppers filter products by type, scent, price, etc., granting them faster access to the products they love while introducing new products.

The product pages themselves were enhanced to include more consumer education including at-a-glance health and safety assurances, technology, reviews, results, FAQs, and brand values. These features provide consumers with the assurance that each product is perfect for their needs. In addition, ingredient visuals encourage shoppers to further explore scents and key ingredients within a product’s category. Product size options, volume discounts, and related products to complete the regimen were also brought to the forefront, encouraging increase in order size.




Within the first two weeks of launch, Lavanila had a notable increase in conversion and sales. Post launch heatmap analyses and user recordings showed that visitors explored more of the content and there was a significant rise in customers that reached checkout.

Email Marketing

With the website conversion up, we turned our sights toward improving the email marketing ecosystem. We developed a strategy for email marketing automation, and designed and programmed templates for seasonal marketing campaigns and post-purchase email support. Upon implementing our suggestions, Lavanila immediately saw a 25% open rate and a 19.8% conversion from email alone.

Each email template is highly customizable and provides an opportunity for two product promotions in a single message. Content above the fold spotlights the seasonal campaign or order logistics, curated in the familiar, health-conscious voice of Lavanila, while the bottom half showcases an evergreen module that cross-promotes one of three best-selling products.


Our digital team took a holistic approach to Lavanila’s digital marketing, tackling other inbound marketing initiatives. We continue to update and optimize the website to refine user experience, increasing conversion. In addition we created a holistic system of on-page and off-site organic search engine optimization — capturing users whenever and however they go looking for products like Lavanila’s. We also manage monthly PPC ad campaigns. Both of these endeavors have generated additional increases in sales beyond the initial e-Commerce results highlighted above.




Since beauty sales have been skyrocketing on Amazon in recent years, our next endeavor was to help Lavanila claim their Amazon retail presence. Because Lavanila did not have a defensive advertising strategy, Lavanila’s competitors had been utilizing Lavanila-branded key words to lure Lavanila’s own customers to alternative brands. Working with the client and an Amazon partner, we were able to remove diverted discounted products sold by third parties and redirect consumers to Lavanila’s new storefront. We have been highly successful advertising on both Amazon and Google to recapture and convert new and existing fans.


“MSLK’s review of our brand positioning, competitive white space, site analytics, and marketing challenges produced a long-term strategy for our website that also influenced our communication objectives across all media. Their thoughtful recommendations anticipated our needs and produced clean, clear designs that embodied everything we wanted in our brand evolution. MSLK provides us with a holistic perspective on our digital marketing efforts throughout every channel and is quick to offer suggestions and solutions that help us make all of our efforts more effective.”
– Danielle Raynor, Founder and CEO