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Branding a Luxury Avocado Oil Line

Avivi is a new line of body oils, scrubs, and facial serum, all containing avocado oil. The products were created to leverage the restorative properties of the natural ingredients. MSLK was tasked with developing the brand positioning, name, logo, packaging, art direction, and overall web experience.

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MSLK was approached by the beauty brand “e.Oil” to reposition them as a luxury beauty brand exclusively sold online. We were immediately drawn to the wonderful scents of the five major blends, and knew the brand would need to convey this experience online.

Their existing name, “e.Oil,” was problematic for online searching, and too evocative of the 90s dot-com “e-based” naming trend. Mainly, it did not convey the core ingredient in each product: avocado oil. New packaging was needed to differentiate one scent from another, while inspiring consumers to collect them as a series.


The existing name and packaging were reviewed against a wide range of competitors and market opportunities. The discovery that there were no other brands with such a robust line of avocado oils meant leveraging this as our unique point of difference.

MSLK’s naming process yielded a number of possible options. “Avivi” was chosen because it suggests “avocado” and the word “vitality.” Having an avocado-inspired name freed us from needing to show images of avocados on every package, which could have been limiting.

Our research clearly suggested that Avivi’s discerning and style-conscious target consumer valued packaging with a keepsake quality that could be proudly displayed.

MSLK was involved in the online strategy and design for the main brand site and a targeted microsite. We designed sitemaps and sales offer flowcharts, and created the overall user experience. Both sites would need to integrate with Fyoosion, a sophisticated customer retention platform, central to Avivi’s online strategy.


Our bottle design process began by sourcing economical stock components that could be easily customized. Round, frosted glass bottles and jars were selected to showcase the beautiful, luminous quality of the oils. We dipped the lower halves of the bottles in an industrial plastic normally used to create hand grips for tools and hardware. This added both protection and a magical quality to the overall look. The outer mylar boxes feature dynamic watercolors of natural imagery, helping to brand each individual scent. For Youthful, Avivi's "hero" product, a special bottle with a silver base was selected to help convey its premium positioning and ingredients.

Avivi’s initial launch would be subscription-based sales exclusively through their own site. We wanted to avoid the heavy-handed layouts typically associated with such subscription sites. Instead, we used a clean, conversion-centric approach to the main and targeted microsites. This helps focus the content, while maintaining the minimal aesthetic of the packaging. Responsive layouts feature gentle curves inspired by the dipped bottles. Carefully art-directed lifestyle and ingredient images were created to set the tone and build a mood for the brand. A contextual “buy box” moves with users to maximize sales. The elegant Avivi logo and all major typography throughout the brand are rendered in black, all-capital lettering to convey the purity of the ingredients.


As co-founder Cheryl MacCluskey said, “Working with MSLK has been wonderfully rewarding. They brought innovative ideas and valuable industry experience to the table, helping bring my vision to life!”

Avivi soft launched in 2016 and has enjoyed great initial feedback. Our packaging has won the hearts of customers and industry experts alike, winning an American Package Design Award shortly after launching.