STYLE draws in viewers, sets a brand apart, and builds intrigue. Style evolves over time.


SUBSTANCE is understanding who you are, and sets your course for the road ahead. Substance is timeless.


We Cultivate Meaningful Relationships

We work with only ten clients a year, each of them at various stages of business development. Every service plan is custom-tailored to your needs and complements your in-house capabilities. We have strong industry contacts and regularly collaborate with experts. We love making connections and are always happy to make an introduction when needed.





Silvia is a worldly designer who strives to create solutions with universal appeal. She strives to address the unique opportunities and challenges posed by everyday design problems. Born in Cambrils, Spain, Silvia is a graduate of the renowned Savannah College of Art and Design with a concentration in Packaging Design. Previously she was a Graphic Designer at Coca-Cola handling branding, packaging design, and advertising.


Alessandra Rabellino


Alessandra is a native New Yorker, freshly back in the city after completing her Graduate Studies in Design at the esteemed Portfolio Center in Atlanta. Armed with a B.A. in Psychology, and a penchant for language, she approaches design through a human lens and is keenly interested in user experience across all of today’s media. She strives to design brands that are beautiful, intuitive and rewarding for users. 



Sales and Distribution Advisor

Having held senior executive positions at Neutrogena, J&J, and Dermalogica, Cynthia brings the knowledge, creativity and track record to build beauty brands from concept to shelf that are poised for long-term growth. She has launched 12 new brands with over $145 million in revenue and is responsible for developing over 100 new products throughout the US, Europe, Asia and Latin America.



Market Research Advisor

Judy has been named an “It” market researcher by WWD. She specializes in digital and traditional research methodologies, both qualitative and quantitative, that uncover actionable insights that guide and empower the creative process. She has held corporate strategic planning, marketing and research positions and has worked with beauty, fashion and health care global iconic brands as well as entrepreneurial start-ups. She teaches Market Research & Consumer Behavior at NYU.


Desiree Marr

Copy Director

Armed with an English degree from U.C. Santa Barbara and a Fashion Marketing degree from Parsons, Desiree worked as a fashion editor in NYC before heading west to Sephora. There she helped launch 2.0 and its Canadian counterpart, then directed editorial copy for 600 Sephora inside JCPenney stores. Now part of our LA team, Desiree creates the perfect voice, compelling, clutter-free copy, and engaging, get-them-to-buy headlines for our brands.


Lead Developer

Ron is a full-stack developer who has extensive experience building enterprise-level websites and applications for a range of clients, from startups to Fortune 500 companies such as Verizon, Google, Comcast, IBM and Cisco. His focus is on efficiency, performance and intuitive user experience, all while achieving business objectives.



Business Plan Advisor

Ted is an expert business consultant for startups and growth stage companies. He has co-founded, grown, and sold several businesses, and helps our clients with their growth strategy, financial projections, and investor presentations. A graduate of UPenn’s Wharton School of Business, Ted’s extensive industry experience includes tech, media & entertainment, consumer goods, and food & beverage.



Digital Marketing Advisor

David delivers clear, actionable and comprehensive digital marketing and SEO plans that have had measurable results for clients. His proprietary on-page + off-page principles guide this work, ensuring that efforts are spent where it counts. With extensive work in the skincare and skin condition industry, David leverages industry leading information and user education to create robust e-commerce strategies. 

Alexandra Frank

Project Manager

Alex is an artistic business-minded creative with a love for branding and all things beauty. She handles daily office project coordination and research supporting our designers with beauty brand development. Alex graduated from Seattle University’s Albers School of Business in 2016 with a Bachelor’s in Marketing supplemented with a minor in Studio Art. Additionally, she studied Graphic Design in Copenhagen, DK.


Bookkeeper + Office Manager

Maureen manages day-to-day operations and finances, ensuring that all projects stay on budget and on time. Her tireless attention to detail allows the entire team to be highly responsive to our clients’ needs throughout the creative process. She has 20 years of experience in the creative space, working with both design and architecture firms.


Grey Levitt

Director of Culture

Grey is our official youth correspondent. His insights on the iGen / Gen-Z market help us understand how your future customers are learning and digesting information. Grey continually inspires us with his commitment to animal rights, social activism and his constant drive to make a difference.

Ashton Levitt

Entertainment Director

Ashton is a constant source for laughter and positivity. His charming wit, unwavering optimism, and infinite curiosity make us smile every day. A self-proclaimed abstract artist, Ashton loves to create thoughtful and meaningful works. As he expresses himself, he inspires us to let our inner child influence our best work.


Comfort Animal

There’s nothing quite like a purring kitty to get the creative soul inspired. Lulu loves contributing to team meetings and may contribute an occasional “meow”. They say curiosity killed the cat, but Lulu proves the exact opposite. She constantly inspires us to think outside the box, and to chase that perfect patch of sunlight.